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  • Him Kuff Syrup
    Description An herbal formulation beneficial for all presentations of cough. Cough known as a most common frequent problem of respiratory system caused by stimulation of sensory nerves in the mucosa of the pharynx, larynx, trachea and bronchi. The
  • Himoliv Syrup
    Avoid Toxic Overload and Organ Failure with This All-Natural Liver Saver! Himoliv syrup removes excess fat and cholesterol that can clog your liver. This age-old herb formulation helps filter toxins from your liver and kidneys. It is a natural
  • Himpace Syrup
    Description Himpace is developed through blending of natural herbs and anti-oxidants. The enhancer developed with such mixture of organic ingredients helps in providing our body with necessary nutrients and overcoming weaknesses. It helps to keep

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